It’s Time To Chillax At Coming Back To Life Cafe

These days cafes are opening up almost everywhere to delight you with their interesting affair of food and ambiance to be absolutely top notch. What i love mostly about Cafes are the informal and no judgemental kind of time spent there. You don’t have to bother or worry if your need to be in a formal state to dine ,it is as simple as dining the way in a relaxed manner you like (Of course respectfully). But when a cafe not just helps you to feel free but also helps you cope up with some stress and feel better in the negative lifestyle that you live, then it is a place much needed for one and all .The cafe that i am talking about is ‘Coming Back To Life’ that helps you reconnect with what nature has in store for you. Elements like Spirit,Air,Water,Fire & Earth is what one needs to look upon to live a peaceful life. This Cafe stresses on rejuvenating oneself to a better lifestyle by taking a pause in life from your stressful life and feel the elements that nature has for you.

Some of the activities and stuffs that you can come across here at first is a huge spread of turf grass that has low level seating arrangements easily to accommodate 90 people at least. The idea behind having a low level seating is so that one can connect everything with ease at a ground level. Moving on you would hear soulful trance music which keeps playing on loop mode to connect with your mind and inner soul over here. The total experience of letting your footwear go and walking with your naked feet on the turf grass is a way we can reach out to Mother Earth without any interference. The walls of this place have everyday life messages scribbled here and there which helps as a motivation to overcome failures and struggles. The whole atmosphere is maintained in a very pleasing and spiritual way with hanging dream catchers all over the place and almost dim lights setting the mood just so right. There is a little library in one of the corners if you wish to sit down with a book, or if you come along with kids then you can let them free to play at the children’s corner. And the best part about this place is that it is all underground letting you be really away from the outside world. The next time you want to spend some alone time or want your group eating in the most peaceful and different way then you know now where to set your destination.

Check out photographs of different sections along with scrumptious things to eat in the full post on The Food Seeker Blog.

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