Noodle it all the way at the Noodle Story, Navina Cinema

We all are very fond of noodles and relish it to the core very much indeed for it being super yummy, wholesome and made right in front of you . The recent place that i tried out some noodles and more, was from The Noodle Story QSR in Navina cinema building for the first time here. And that opportunity happened when First Idea PR arranged a meal to take away from here which was cool.

So at first to know about The Noodle Story is very important as they are quite popular in the city and have spread across quite a few QSR outlets for making noodles in a custom kind type ready to take away in a noodle box which is easy to carry and is your on the go food. The noodles can be custom made with a lot of choices of base, sauces, add on toppings veg and non veg both to choose from. They have a regular and International style of noodle selection to start the first step of creating your noodle box. So choose one base from Tomato Noodle,Yellow Noodle,Spinach Noodle,Whole Wheat Noodle,Soba Noodles, Thai Flat Noodles and much more choices that they have. Then move to pick your veggies and non veg that you would want to add in it like Brocolli, Baby corn, Chicken,Fish,Eggs etc. And finally add a sauce choice along with your toppings from fried onions, peanuts and other available choices.

Read what the Noodle Box is all about in the full post on The Food Seeker Blog.

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