How To Get Your Club Wear Right

So, you wrap up work and hit the club with your bros in your work wear. Effortlessly chic, right?

Wrong. Lazy perhaps, but chic thou is not.

There are more don’ts of club wear for men than dos. But, we aren’t here to veto all your sartorial choices. 

The dos and don’ts of club wear are pretty simple if you are aiming for a smooth and stylish look.

The Top

Wear A Fitted Button-Down

Wear a slim-fit button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up; leave two buttons undone (unless you have thick foliage of chest hair, leave only the one button undone in that case). The fit is very important here. Now is the time to bring out your shirts in interesting colours and patterns. Avoid wearing black as every other guy sticks to the fail-safe colour. Besides, black goes unnoticed in the dark interiors of the club. T-shirts are acceptable club wear when paired with a great jacket or a sports coat or an unbuttoned vest.

Do Not Wear A Hoodie Or Blingy Tees

Are you a teenager? Hobo? Celebrity? If the answer to every question is in the negative, then your hoodie deserves to stay at home or in your car. Hoodies that are zip-ups, button-ups or pullovers, basically anything with an attached hood needs to stay out of the club. Before you reach out to those blingy, rhinestoned tees or the shirt with the awesome (in your opinion only) bedazzles on the back, allow us to as you a question. Are you a disco ball? Do you get the answer or do we need to spell it out? Opt for shirts in fabrics with a subtle shine instead.

The Bottom

Wear Dark Wash Denim

It’s a club. It’s going to be crowded. Someone is bound to spill booze on you and then you will have a tough time getting stains out of your light-coloured denim. Besides, dark washes are flattering on most people. Make sure you wear one in a straight fit. Avoid bootlegs like the plague. Skinny fits spell emo or I-suck-at-looking-like-a-teenager!

Do Not Wear Dress Pants Or Shorts

Slacks look out-of-place in a club. They are too fancy and look like you brought them to the club straight from work. Shorts are a definite no-no. If comfort is what you insist on, then opt for chinos in charcoal or navy. If you are feeling brave, try coloured chinos. Clubwear isn’t about blending anyway. Make a statement with coloured chinos and let them stand out by pairing them with chambray shirts or shirts with subtle checks and suede lace-ups.


Flip flops, sandals, sneakers, tennis shoes, et al are NOT club wear. Do not attempt entering a club with these on. Besides, they will not go with the rest of your outfit. Try stylish dress shoes, boat shoes and loafers instead. If you really want to go fancy while still staying casual, then try leather monk strap shoes.

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Wear anything but white socks to a club. Go for colourful, fun, crazy instead. Or ditch them completely and show off those mankles by going socks less.


Wearing a watch is highly recommended. Since your sleeves are going to be rolled up, this is the perfect time to show off a great watch. You can also sport leather bracelets. They give off a casual, manly vibe while making a statement. Do not bring your metal bracelet with the turquoise stone anywhere in public. Throw it away or better still, gift it to a person you detest! The adventurous can take a fedora to the club. Hardly anyone will be sporting one and besides, hats make you look taller.

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