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I work in the Sales field in my professional capacity. But at home I report to the High Command, who plays the role of my wife. Usually, where the home front is concerned, she is the boss. She likes to make all the daily, or rather weekly purchases of all things needed for domestic consumption. Since we both work, the purchases have to be weekly. After all these years, she is an authority on the weekly consumption of the family. So the vegetables, groceries, et al, are all measured to the exact decimal grams. But this walking talking computer is not interested in buying anything electronic. So, whether it is buying of Mobile phones, TV’s, laptops or tablets, she is not at all interested. Yours truly is the King of the house where electronics is concerned.

But these electronics come with an expiry date, due to newer and newer updates and due to the rapid advancements in technology, especially in case of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Over a period of time, they become slow and outdated, in which case you have to get rid of them, so that you can covet the latest. Actually that too is one of the dictates of the High Command; “you cannot covet the new, unless the old is out of the house”.

One of the easiest way to get rid of the old smartphone is to ‘lose’ it, either in a mall or a train or some other such crowded place. But I refrain from taking such shortcuts. I try to get rid of it by honest means; I try to sell it.

Once I tried to sell off one of the old smartphones of a leading brand, which, once upon a time, was in the top three in India. I went from one mobile shop to another, but the offers never went beyond three digits. I was told that this phone had become obsolete. As if I didn’t know? Did I not want to sell it off, for that very reason? But three digits! That’s ridiculous! When I mentioned this to one of the shopkeepers, he insulted me by saying, “This is only worth two digits, bhalayee ka zamana hi nahi raha”. And he almost shooed me away. I tried to sell it to one of our servants, but she giggled hysterically on taking one look at the phone, saying “who will buy such phones now”…and went away. On top of that, High Command, “one simple task you cannot do properly”

With downcast eyes, I went and sat in the hall. Seeing my pitiable condition, my daughter asked me what the matter was.

After much pushing and prodding, I divulged the reason for my foul mood to her, blessed soul. After hearing me through, my daughter laughed and exclaimed, “But papa, why did you not tell me earlier. The solution was in our own house”. Saying this, she rushed into her room and came back with her own smartphone. “No, no. I am not going to sell your phone now. One is enough for me to sale”. As soon as I said this, she laughed heartily, and said, “No papa. See this awesome app on my phone. It is the Cashify App. There is even a Cashify website for it from where you can download the app.

This is the most user friendly and very convenient app and let me tell you, I got a very good bargain for my old laptop on this very app”.

That piece of news perked up my ears and I asked, “But how does it work?”. So for the next few minutes my daughter handheld me through the working of the app. And let me tell you guys, the Cashify App is awesome to get the best bargains for the product you want to get rid off. It’s as easy as #CleanUpCashOut. I certainly did and was given full marks by the High Command.

Download the Cashify App and live happily ever after with your High Command.

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