Heard of a Sunion…

Tears run down the cheeks of Rajesh as he works in the kitchen.

His wife, Radhika, is not at home, busy, trying to maintain her project timelines.

His mother looks at him with concern which is garnished with a tinge of irritation. “Love marriage! Who told you to do a love marriage?”, she asks, mockingly.

“That girl, Urmila, was so pretty. And being a daughter of my friend, I knew her very well. Such a homely person. I tell you Raju, she was certainly better than this shrew, Radhika!”, she exclaims in frustration.

“But, Mom…”, Rajesh starts saying but hits a road block in the form of his mother’s admonition, “Don’t say a word, you nincompoop. If only you had listened to me that time, Radhika would never have crossed our door step”, she shuts him up.

“You only saw the glamour of Radhika. Arre, not for nothing the elders have said so rightly, Glamour is only skin deep, the real beauty is in the character of a person. But no, you were blinded by Radhika’s beauty and deaf to words of wisdom”, she continues.

Poor Rajesh has had enough. Finally he blurts out, “But Mom, why are you taking it to the extreme. What has Radhika done that makes you so negative about her. She is such a loveable person”

No sooner has he said that, his mother again breaks him off, “Oh my God! You are still under her spell even after attending to kitchen duties half the time. God bless you, my son”, she says sarcastically.

“Mom. You know I am the Chef-in-chief in the most happening Five Star hotel in this city. I love cooking. Why, I would say that I would cook even if Radhika were home. See, the project which she is currently on, is very important for her career. So chill, Mom, chill”

“What chill, chill…I can see tears in your eyes. Am I blind? I know how you must be suffering. You are just suffering through a hopeless marriage. And there, Radhika must be enjoying herself, for all you know”

“Come on Mom, can’t you see I am cutting onions. Don’t you cry when you cut onions?”, he says exasperatedly.

“Till now no one has been able to develop tear free onions!”, he exclaims to stress his point.

Which brings us to the subject matter at hand. Yes, finally onions have been developed, which won’t make you shed tears like poor Rajesh in above story.

Like we Indians say, “Su-prabhat” when we wish someone good morning, the new onion type is named “Sunion”.

These new type of onions are not genetically modified but have been naturally cross-breeded over a long period of time. The result – a well behaved onion which won’t make you cry. Of course, the downside is that it will be sweeter, milder and less pungent and thus may affect its taste.

In a normal onion, there are volatile chemical compounds which give off a gas immediately on cutting. These compounds form a mild version of sulphuric acid, when they come in contact with water in your eyes, which eventually irritates your eyes and makes them water.

However in a Sunion, these volatile compounds are absent making the Sunion sweeter and not a tearjerker.

Of course, getting these new onions in the market will still take a lot of time. Currently they are available only in US of A since they are grown in only two states, Nevada and Washington.

So guys and gals, the day is not far, when you can get rid of those onion cutting goggles which are similar to a welders googles. Just joking!!

Since the launch of Sunions in the market, Radhika and her mother-in-law have reconciled themselves to an uneasy friendship and are busy in the kitchen helping out Rajesh to create newer Sunion based dishes for the home palate.

Now all is quiet on their home front. As Rajesh’s mother rightly says, “If an onion can turn sweeter so can the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Yatindra Tawde

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