Play Golf & Sip Tea In Between Nature At Yule Tea Lounge ,Kolkata !

Ever wanted to visit a place where you can sip a cup of Tea in between the nature at Kolkata itself ? Well this wish can be accomplished when you come to Yule Tea Lounge In Eco Park,Kolkata. This is the place which i have visited recently,that has a very positive atmosphere around to engage in conversations,food,drinks and more. I got a chance to experience this place very closely,thanks to Deftcat Pr consultancy for arranging everything and making it happen. My time here was perfect and i can come here again and again whenever i feel a bit low maybe or when i need a fresh burst of calmness within. This place is a blessing in disguise as it is very difficult to get a place which has greenery around as well as,which has a spacious surrounding giving an entire view without any disruption. This place has it’s own Tea Garden which produces approx 300 kgs of Tea annually. And Apart from that the place has many varieties of Tea from Darjeeling,Assam and other popular city Tea Gardens which can be sampled before you want to buy it. The Tea lounge here has it’s own attraction,thanks to its wooden house structure standing tall and gorgeous in between greenery. The place has ample seating indoor and outdoor as well. The indoor seating is the right spot to cool yourself when it gets too hot outside. And the outdoor seating in the area and lawn is a pleasant place during the evening hours. No matter where you sit you get the best possible experience like no other place.

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