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Exchanged Places

“Sister , do you mind exchanging places?” The first thing I noticed was his hair , longer than the girl next to him. He was sleek, mostly like my batch-mates from the university. Bemused I stood amidst smelly shirts and adamant heads , unable to figure out that the voice was meant for me. In […]

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आज माजघर शांत आहे सुन्न बसलंय स्वयंपाकघर, चुलीची धग लागत नाहीये कारण चवताळलाय ज्वाळांचा वावर.. आज बांगड्या नाहीत किणकिणणाऱ्या ना दिसला साडीचा पदर, कपाळावरलं कुंकूही दिसेना अन् एकाकी राहिला मंगळसूत्राचा सर.. असाच गेला दिवस ओशाळली दुपार, भरीस भर म्हणून आली तिन्हीसांज.. पेटला नाही दिवा तुळशीवृंदावन रितं, देवही बसले अंधारात देवघरही झालं परकं.. सरली संध्याकाळ उगवली […]


Divided we fall

Steady Meanderings A conjoined twin trying to escape another Grunting in exertion and effort As his flesh binds him to another But not his spirit A group of people deciding What is best for themselves And propagandising it as What is best for those who they represent And changing the contours of history And geographical […]