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The first sentence can’t be written until the final sentence is written

Play Golf & Sip Tea In Between Nature At Yule Tea Lounge ,Kolkata !

Ever wanted to visit a place where you can sip a cup of Tea in between the nature at Kolkata itself ? Well this wish can be accomplished when you come to Yule Tea Lounge In Eco Park,Kolkata. This is the place which i have visited recently,that has a very positive atmosphere around to engage […]

Vr1 Cafe for you !

We love places which has life in them to give us a time worth remembering. The ambiance and decor is something which always sets the mood to chill when you want to experience something different. To connect with the crowd it is important to have an identity as a place, which will further encourage and […]

Top 10 Free Best Photo Editor for Android

Read Compelete guide:- Top 10 Free Best Photo Editor for Android. If you are looking for the free photo editor app for android then here is the list of 10+ best photo editing for Android. Previously we also discussed the Best camera application for Android. We will provide you best reviews of these best photo editor […]

Book Review: The Lyon’s Orphanage by Charlie King

When I read the synopsis, something made me feel warm inside like the hug of a pillow on a cold winter morning. Being associated with an orphanage for many years now, I felt an instant connect. I have been around the place long enough and am much aware of the challenges one faces in running […]

Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

Clay Jensen finds a gift-wrapped show box lying at his doorstep which contains thirteen audio cassettes. Surprised, he starts to listen to the first cassette and is dumbstruck when he finds Hannah speaking out of the player. The same Hannah Baker he went to school with, the Hannah he worked with, he long crushed upon; […]

Non alcoholic Pina colada

I tasted Pina colada recently in our friends house. Me and my husband like it instantly. My husband was in search of Pina colada in stores and we bought one. It tasted good but not the same. When I saw ingredients, it said in soy milk. So I thought of making my own using coconut […]

What is the major key to happy life?

“Stay Positive”, a single phrase which everyone on this earth gets to hear from their closer ones while facing over that really hard or we can say negative situation. Am I right? So, tell me, being one of those have you actually applied this theory of staying positive into your life or maybe just tried […]

The Mouth Watering Appetisers on Kyro’s Menu

The Tasting Tour at Kyro Indore continued Reva (Blogger) and I were presented with further Delish accompaniments. What I admire most at Kyro Indore is the marriage between the western and Indian flavours. Kyro being the brainchild of Karan and Kunal Verma, the youngest culinary experts in Indore! A brief conversation with Karan Verma revealed […]

The Elaborated Tasting Tour at Kyro Indore

Tasting Food at Kyro like a Master Chef Lifestyle Blogging has its perks, and Food Tasting is definitely one of them. Therefore I was absolutely thrilled when Kyro Indore invited me for a delightful Food tasting session. Launching a New menu is all about making that extra effort to connect with people. The Chef’s at Kyro […]


आज माजघर शांत आहे सुन्न बसलंय स्वयंपाकघर, चुलीची धग लागत नाहीये कारण चवताळलाय ज्वाळांचा वावर.. आज बांगड्या नाहीत किणकिणणाऱ्या ना दिसला साडीचा पदर, कपाळावरलं कुंकूही दिसेना अन् एकाकी राहिला मंगळसूत्राचा सर.. असाच गेला दिवस ओशाळली दुपार, भरीस भर म्हणून आली तिन्हीसांज.. पेटला नाही दिवा तुळशीवृंदावन रितं, देवही बसले अंधारात देवघरही झालं परकं.. सरली संध्याकाळ उगवली […]

Om Namah Shivaaya

The Eternal locks and Divine Strands, Moon ever so radiant, means to me a heavenly calm. The Serpent keeping the senses in control, Mother Ganga to temper the heat and flow away all vices, sins. Armed with Trishul, Enamoured by the Damroo, Oh Mind you are sharp to understand the values of Truth,Righteousness, Peace and […]

The Purest Form of a fresh cup of Darjeeling Tea

First Flush Boutique Cafe located at 21/2 , Gariahat Road, Gariahat, Kolkata is the kind of place you would want to visit for a cup of specially first plucked unfiltered and purist form of tea leaves from the gardens of Darjeeling. Not only that as apart from its identity of a Tea boutique, it also […]

Top 5 Best Earphones/Headphones Under Rs. 500 With Good Bass & Sound Quality

Not everybody wants a hole in their pocket while out in the market searching for a simple headphone. There are a lot of earphones available around Rs. 500 that offer great audio quality and overall experience. Below are the best options that the users can consider who have a budget of around Rs. 500.  1 […]

7 Best Places for a Weekend Retreat in India

India is a place full of majestic wonders There is no shortage of plausible places in India to visit. Moreover, the energy of the travellers in India is massive which adds serenity to the art of exploration. You may plan a weekend party or trip with your friends and can explore the beauty of this wonderful […]

Santa, Skiing and Luxury Cabins in the Geilo Ski Village

The Oldest Ski Village in Europe Geilo Ski Village is split between the Slatta village (main area) and the quiet Geilolia. The luxury resort Vestlia, and the Forest Cabins are located in Geilolia, however the ski runs are a few miles away. Although for a small town, you will find a large choice of hotels, cabins […]

Flamsbana, the most beautiful train journey in the world

The Railway Connection from Flam The Flåmsbana in Norway ranks highest on Europe’s list of most beautiful train rides. The setting in the unique landscape of Flåmsdalen Valley, is the reason why a Flåm Railway trip is a must for every visitor to Norway. It branches off from a highly scenic route at the Bergen […]

The Great Wall – Movie Review

CAST: MATT DAMON, JING TIAN, PEDRO PASCAL, WILLEM DAFOE, ANDY LAU   |  DIRECTOR: ZHANG YIMOU   |  DURATION: 103 MINUTES Zhang Yimou’s English language wuxia directorial debut, ‘The Great Wall’ is sadly a historical disappointment! Two mercenaries (Damon and Pascal), from a group that was questing for ‘black powder’ reach the Great Wall of […]

Where to begin your Norway Tour

Where to begin your Norway in a Nutshell Tour Itineraries for Norway tour can kick off in Oslo, Bergen, or Voss. Nevertheless, the core of each journey incorporates essential transportation highlights, and segments aboard the scenic Bergen Railway. The glaciers, deep forests, countless lakes, and a few rugged ski resorts create a glorious beauty. My […]

Gastronomical Republic

The Retrospective Procrastinator wishes all you good souls a very Happy Republic Day. If you are in Delhi or Mumbai, this is what you can do today after you are done watching the Parade! Celebrate Republic Day at The Royal Plaza Celebrate this Republic Day with great pride and joy alongside some delicious dishes that will […]

How to stay encouraged when you are unemployed

When a person embarks on the path of job search, it’s usually impossible to know how long the journey will be. Hence, within time, the rejections multiply and the savings get divided, resulting in a crestfallen attitude. There could be two possibilities for an experienced person searching for a job – either, he/she is employed […]

स्वयं को अभिप्रेरित करने के तरीके -way of Motivating Onself

शुरू ⇓ शुरुआत मुस्किल कार्य से करें  ⇓ मुश्किल कार्य से शुरुआत धीरे से करें ⇓ अपनी तुलना औरों से नही बल्कि अपने से करनी चाहिए ⇓ अपने परिश्रम से जीती गई सफलताओं को हमेशा याद रखें ⇓ सफलता से नकारात्मक न सोचें हमेशा सकारात्मक सोच रखें  ⇓ अपने लक्ष्य को पाने के लिए कार्य […]

Serein by Tata Housing, blend of Splendour and comfort at the Malabar hill of Thane!

The Location is everything! Let’s agree, that most people buy a property only because they fall in love with it. It’s all about the location, location, and location when you cut your real estate deal in Mumbai. The most hectic city in the world! Then again, there are other top factors such as price, surroundings, […]

Geilo, A luxurious Ski village amidst the Norwegian Mountains

Geilo, The Ski Destination 1222 Finse was home base for filming the scenes at the beginning of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, where many locals starred as extras. A small station town, where we waited for an hour before we could board our next train to Geilo. As starved as I was, the aroma of steamy hot […]

Hotel Sokos Presidentti, a 4 star property with Finnish adaptation

Hotel Sokos Presidentti Helsinki is a sprightly seaside city, full of Parks and Islands, and refreshing as ever. This capital area of Finland will never get you tired, its close proximity to nature is an evidence of a conscious stress free environment. A bracing 20 minute drive into the city from the airport, through vernacular […]

DermaGlow Rehausse-cils, the Ultimate Lash Enhancer! INR 5500

There was nothing wrong with mine, but if I could have fuller lashes, then why not ???? DermaGlow Serum will get you Fuller and Longer Lashes, that you always hoped for! I used this product for 5 weeks on my eyelashes, and by the end of it, my lashes were visibly thicker, darker and longer. They still are, hence my […]

How I (MADRAASI) made my 2016?

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Success and Peaceful NEW YEAR 2017 When I see everyone posting their resolutions and was asked to blog about my resolutions and happenings in last year. First I would like to say that, I don’t make any resolutions, somehow I believe that when I plan to execute things, […]

Vantaa, The International Airport of Helsinki

Recently, Finland has been in news for receiving a Scandinavian Mountain from Norway as their 100th Birthday present. Compassionate neighbourhood stories from Scandinavia and Nordic region, restores our faith in humanity.  Not to Mention, The International Airport of Helsinki, welcomes it’s tourists into a warm forest setting. What could be a more appropriate time to visit this prepossessing country, that […]

Time to prioritise Technology, Segway Myths Debunked!

Segway Myths Debunked Barcelona, June: Early morning, sipping my energy drink Le-espresso, a power dose of caffeine while my mind is constantly racing between the world issues, intergalactic space (the vast empty spaces that sit between galaxies), Earthly Space (the vast empty spaces that sit between humans), advancing technology, and retreating humanity. Europe can give […]

Copenhagen International Airport, Kastrup, listed among the top 10 best airports in the world

The Copenhagen Airport, Oldest in Europe This Danish Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup, is the largest airport in the Nordic countries. It is located on an island (Amager), about 10 minutes from the city centre. The terminal was designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen, a pioneer among architects. Consecutively, it is also one of the oldest international airports in Europe, with an annual […]

Khatun says, “The OA” is the original, but why..?

The OA Netflix released the trailer of their new series The OA, only 4 days before it premiered. The OA Season 1, most definitely brought along a fresh mind bending concept, with an unreasonable end. It only took 1 weekend for The OA to become Netflix’s latest binge obsession. While Brit (The director), managed to create consistent implausible traps, in the […]

Sharikrida: Official book review

It is not every day you get a chance to review a book before it gets officially released and I’m very pleased to announce that I got one such chance. So here comes , the first official review of the book! Sharikrida , is a book authored by Krishna Trilok and published by Zuna Publishers. […]

Scandic Sydhavnen, a smashing 4-star property in Vesterbro area of Copenhagen!

Scandic Sydhavnen Vesterbro, is one of Copenhagen’s most favoured areas, all encompassing snug restaurants, beaming coffee shops and perceptive bars. The neighbouring grid, encloses Museums, Art Galleries and other Architectural monuments. An ideal Danish setting, stacked with both conventional and contemporary affirmation of existence. Therefore, staying at Scandic Sydhavnen, was definitely one of the most […]

This New Year Comes A Surprise With “Tata Hexa”

This time Tata comes with an anticipated SUV, the Hexa on January 2017. Main Highlights The car gets unique features like Terrain Management System and Projector headlamps with auto function. Apart from this, the car showcases attributes like large alloy wheels, new design for the leather seat upholstery, improved dashboard, window shades, mood lighting, refreshed […]

LG-V20 Smartphone with Removable Battery, and Complimentary B&O headset!

LG V20 Lately, we all have been hearing a lot about the competitive announcement between ‘Apple’ and LG’s most expensive phone on the shelf. LG-V20 rolled out hours before Apple took the wraps off its device in USA, and hit the shelves right after Google launched its handsets. A precious phone, packed with high-end specs, […]

Copenhagen’s ‘Danish’ Little Mermaid

The Heart rending story of The ‘Danish’ Little Mermaid The Eternal Destiny The Little Mermaid, was also warned that she will acquire an eternal soul, only after she marries the Prince. Failing to do so, she will die with a broken heart, and dissolve into sea foam upon the waves. Love is blinding, as they […]

Renaissance Stock Exchange, the most Beautiful building of Copenhagen

Renaissance Stock Exchange I had the chance to visit this interesting architecture, with the twisting spire and unique roofline in Copenhagen. None other than, the ravishing Renaissance Stock Exchange, in Gothic style loaded with architectural history. This notable Landmark is located right next to Christiansborg Palace, however the Spiral is visible from most neighbouring areas. […]

Folketinget, The Danish Parliament that represents Democracy in Denmark

Folketinget, The Danish Parliament Folketinget, is the name of Denmark’s parliament, that holds the legislative power in Denmark. Not to mention, it has been holding this power since the birth of the Danish Constitution in 1849. In other words, the Danish monarch’s power is limited to signing the laws as a symbol of power. It’s […]

Tivoli Gardens, The Danish Disneyland and the 2nd Oldest Theme Park in the World

Tivoli Gardens, The Danish Disneyland With 5mn visitors in 2015, Tivoli stands out as the 2nd most popular theme park in the world, the most-visited theme park in Scandinavia, and the 4th most-visited in Europe after Disneyland Paris, Europa-Park Rust and the Efteling. Visiting Tivoli, with its open air stage shows, refreshing beer, and magical twirl […]

ChristiansBorg Palace, the Only Neoclassical building in the World, that houses all 3 of Nation’s Supreme Powers!

Danish Christiansborg Slot or Palace Let me start off by saying, that this marvellous Danish “Christiansborg Slot” is a palace turned government building on the island of Slotsholmen in central Copenhagen. The name ‘Christiansborg’ is frequently used as a substitute name for the Danish political system. It is the seat of the Danish Parliament, the […]

Digital भुगतान करने के Top Services

नोट बंदी के घोषणा बाद से ही पुरे भारत परेशनी की दौर से गुजर रहा है। इसी परेशाई का इलाज ढूंढते  हुए भारत सरकार ने बिना कैश के भुगतान नीति को अपनाते हुए Digital भुगतान को अपनाने पर जोर डाल रही है। #Digital India के तहत digital भुगतान/Payments को बढ़ावा दे रहे है जिससे भारत के लोग […]

Sharing these things on Social media might land you in trouble

Social media has now become an integral part of everyone’s life. Whatever we share with our friends, we tend to share it to the world using Facebook or twitter. With the availability of many smartphone apps that made us easy to share whatever we do and whatever we talk to the world, we least make […]

Top 9 Myths and facts about introvert-Understanding the misunderstood

Enough myths about introvert!. Some are so bizarre. that I just could not stop myself writing on this. Here are some myths about introversion and why they are misinformed. Top 9 Myths and facts about introverts   MYTH NO 1. All introverts are shy — and all shy people are introverts. FACT-They are Reserved. Shyness has […]

Autumn Mornings

Each morning starts with a wide, lazy yawn, Sun rays peek into the late dawn. Windows still hazy from the midnight mist Branches of the elder trees gnarled into a twist.   Sidewalks littered with leaves orange and red, Dry foliage crunches under our feet as we tread. The smell of maple sap crisp in […]

My Favorite Channel to Best Whatsapp Status

The advent of digitization and the in-turn rise of social media have revolutionized the way we communicate, right from our work life to our personal life. Social Media is a platform where people come together to generate and read content and visuals. The explosion of this media has led to us being online for quite […]

The Must-Have-Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes to Women are what Angels are to Heaven! That Inevitable Connection! We thought of helping you a little all the right kind of shoes that are a must add to your wardrobe. So, here’s what you need – Your guide to the must have shoes every woman needs to have in her closet: 7. […]

We Are the 21st Century Generation & Not Guilty About It

Even though the world has been modernized to an extent that is sometimes incomprehensible, yet there are certain things that we as a 21st Century generation have figured out for ourselves. Yes, we are not “Americanized” and neither are we a confused lot (I mean; only sometimes we are). We are not trying to bridge […]

DIY: How To Get Gorgeous Pink Lips Naturally?

We all desire to have naturally soft, rosy pink and healthy lips. They not only add more charm to the beauty of the face but also indicate the well being of an individual. Unfortunately, being exposed to harsh weather and polluted environment, our lips lose their natural color and become chapped and darker. To have […]

Personality Disorder: Meaning, Types, Causes and Treatment

Before we understand what is Personality disorder, I Just want you to know a little about personality. There is no specific definition and honestly, it is very difficult to pin down exactly what we mean by the word personality. A personality is the collection of traits that we have developed as we have grown up as […]

Revealed: Hindu Traditions Are Actually Science Driven..

There isn’t a need of any sort of blind belief to qualify for heaven; because there is science behind every single thing. Well, yes. Even Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma functions on the principles of Science i.e principles that can be identified, intuited and experienced. Here are 7 examples that justify the practices of Hindutva being […]

Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part III – Thoughts Swirling in Mind

After that night, I could sense it! My feelings were growing for him immensely. Earlier the feelings grew intermittently, but this time, it was different and instant. It was like a terrific mount, you know something like, woosh *LotsofLove*. I know it sounds kind of crazy but undeniably true it was. And then I realized […]

Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part I – Secret Confession!

Dear Diary, There’s something I want to share with you. Something that is straight from the heart.There’s a confession that I have to make. It is about Ranbir and I. Ranbir and I used to work in the same office. All this while when Ranbir and I weren’t how we are, I always used to […]

Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part II – A Sip of Sangria

The next day things seemed different to me, I felt a little uneasy around him. I would not call that uneasiness as something discomforting or displeasing, in fact I felt more excited and euphoric. And all this because of that one hour long conversation we had. The entire day in the office and even next […]

Romancing the Ruby

An Indian Princess on a mission to save her newly-adopted kingdom… A man bent on getting what he wants… A marriage of convenience… A love that neither of them expects… Prologue The dust particles, disturbed by the bulk of the bent man heaving in a wheezing fit over the papers strewn on the cluttered desk, […]

Reasons why Tequila is good for health-Never heard before

Tequila was first developed in Mexico. And, in Mexico. It is considered as  a sophisticated drink since it has many benefits. Mostly, people are unaware of its health benefits because they are mixed with other sugar-based alcohol. However, if you buy tequila made of 100 % agave (a plant) then having a glass of it […]

Top five reasons why you should not skip your breakfast

Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, in today’s hectic schedule people find no time for it. This one good habit of having breakfast has a positive impact on your health. It keeps you active, helps in brain functionality by making it sharper, balances body weight etc. Skipping means […]

Stuffed okra fry

When you want to try something different from same Okra dishes, then try this stuffed Okra. This goes well with any rice or even roti. Ingredients Okra/ lady’s finger – 8 Red chilli powder – 1 tsp Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp Pepper powder – 1/2 tsp Salt – as required Lemon juice – 1 […]

Will Shoppers And Developers Adapt to Proximity Marketing In-Store?

Today’s constantly connected consumers are using smartphones in-store more than ever. A recent Google survey states that a staggering 80 percent of shoppers are using smartphones to make purchasing decisions. Retailers and start-ups have taken notice, and the concepts of mobile location analytics and proximity marketing are emerging out of that. Publications like Techcrunch and […]

What happens when you drink water on an empty stomach

A few simple steps can go a long way in taking care of our health, drinking water on an empty stomach is one of them. We can avoid many medical problems like  migraine and headaches, colitis, gastritis, constipation, hypertension, anaemia, obesity, sinusitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma, kidney stones, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, irregular menstruation, haemorrhoids, epilepsy, leukaemia, […]

Typing on Touchscreen: The Times of Text Messaging

*How r u m8? – Doin gr8! *Wanna meet 2nite? -Dat’s kwl.   Apparently that’s a typical text message nowadays for teenagers. If you are anything like me, you would think you were transported back to the era of the Cold War and this is a coded message between spies. But this is the reality […]

Shallots fritters

This is a perfect tea time snack☕. When you serve this hot pakodas/ fritters along with a good chai / tea it will be finished in no time ????. I hope you will give a try and enjoy. Ingredients Shallots – 10 to 15 roughly chopped Gram flour/ Besan – 1/4 cup Rice flour – […]

Everything you wanted to know about psychology but didn’t know whom to ask

It is amazing to see the kind of interest psychology generates. For many of us, at the first glance, psychology does seem like an interesting and simple subject to master. But very soon, we realize it is not so. And, the more we read about psychology, the more we will relate to the many theories […]

A journey from depression to happiness: Changing life in 11 simple ways

What is Depression Depression is an illness, one that affects the body, the nervous system, your mood, thoughts, and behavior. The reach of depression nowadays is very high. Even if you are not suffering from depression (I’m glad you are not) you would probably know someone who is suffering from it. It is absolutely normal […]

Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world

Hi Folks, I am glad you are reading this. I have seen internet flooded with topics against marriage. But Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world. And, I really mean it. I’m sure even you would agree with me if you clear your head with myths about marriage. I am going to explain […]

Highly Haughty Honesty

The old man sat in his rocking chair, his spectacles on his forehead and his hands clasped on his chest. He seemed lost in the paracosm of his thoughts, when he was interrupted by his son, who looked visibly troubled. The old man straightened, and asked what the matter was. His son shared his problems he […]

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Launch Event Live

Apple has announced to launch iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7th. These phones doesn’t come with 3.5mm audio port and the company might offer the lightning port headsets along with the handsets. Even the regular home button will be replaced with a capacitive button. However, the TouchID will remain at the same place.The Antenna bands which look ugly […]

The North Star

The brightest star in the sky, I glimmer and twinkle, oh so high; I guide the lonely sailor sitting on the mast, As he travels across the oceans vast.   Thunder, lightning, blizzard or storm, Unflinching and strong is my form; I am the proud and mighty North Star, King of all celestial champions here […]

Empowering the Girl Child

When we are young, one of the first thing that we learn to say is the word “mother.” Even in the world of scriptures, the first thing we learn is “Mathru Devo Bhava,” which means, “the Mother is equivalent to God.” In a world where the mother or a woman in general plays such an […]

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Launch date is announced (7th September,2016)

Apple has announced to launch iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7th. These phones doesn’t come with 3.5mm audio port and the company might offer the lightning port headsets along with the handsets. Even the regular home button will be replaced with a capacitive button. However, the TouchID will remain at the same place.The Antenna bands which look ugly […]

Some Like it HOT

Via The Blog Tag I was lucky enough to encounter a talented young lady who is making waves in the literary world of romance fiction. Melissa takes the writing of romance erotica genre to an all-time high and after thoroughly enjoying Melissa’s debut book “Waiting for You” which apart from being a truly raunchy read is also […]

Queen of Spice and all things Nice

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook updates I came across an interesting post showcasing delectable food from a restaurant called Holi Cow. The restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa advertised mouth-watering, home cooked, old fashioned meals for sale. I could not help but salivate after looking at the incredible, scrumptious dishes that I knew so well from […]

My Favourite Place

I suppose it is about time I took you to the places that exactly charm and appeal to this Currychick. This will be a part one post of an ongoing series. Certainly there are some places that are very dear to me and that I love visiting and being a part of. As today is […]

Colors of Dharamshala- 5 days n 4 nights – 5 places – Rs. 8538/-

Places Covered  Day 1: Chandigarh- Anandpur sahib-Naina devi- Anandpur sahib-nangal Day 2: Nangal-Kangra Day 3: Kangra- Mcleodgang Day 4: Mcleod gang – Palampur Day 5: Palampur-Kangra-Chandigarh Day 1 Starting my journey from Chandigarh ( Mohali Phase 6 Bus stand), I took a bus for Anandpur Sahib (Rs. 90), it took around 2 hours to reach […]

Being a tourist in your own home

I was reading this article on NDTV about being single and in their 40’s, above that being an Indian women. I’m myself 29 and single. Believe me, after 25 its not considered appropriate for a girl to be single in India. I can imagine how she might be feeling. I’ll not be discussing the article […]

5 Hidden Secrets Girls will keep on forever!

Well, girls are complicated! And let us just accept it that way. But despite of this whole ‘complication’ saga and a lot more similar stuff, we somehow build a confined mind-set for women. And we start thinking that we know them in and out! No wonder, we have dark hidden deep secrets that we want […]

8 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle an Intense Woman

The more intense she is, harder it becomes for her to find someone who can handle a relationship with her. She might be slightly intimidating because she brings intensity and passion to the table. Her emotions are profound and so are her thoughts. She is never indifferent about things that matter to her. She goes […]


Imagine having 17.5k followers on your Instagram account? Sensational right! It is with purely fortuitous luck that this currychick was able to meet one such unique, talented individual. AGIRLWITHFORK also known as Nikita Aggarwal is a Delhi-born and brought up girl who is a self-confessed food addict. This girlwithfork is an eating addict with an insatiable […]

East Indian Bottle Masala Chicken Curry : Simply Aromatic

I like to work by my instinct at times. So when i discovered a packet of East Indian Bottle Masala lying in my fridge, I wanted to do something with it immediately. Since there is a Goan-Konkani influence in the bottle masala, I wanted to use coconut, mustard and curry leaves. I decided not to […]

Things to do in Cappadocia

I usually plan my travels. However, I had no list for things to do in Cappadocia on this visit. I had heard a lot about the Cappadocia from friends and seen numerous photos on the web. The entire region is captivating so I left the tour planning to my hosts at The Castle Inn. It is always better to depend upon the […]

Breaking Khamiri Roti at Al Jawahar

Warmth, cleanliness and bright lights are what greet you as you walks through the doors of Al Jawahar at Matia Mahal Bazaar, Jama Masjid. This eatery is legendary. It is said they was inaugurated by India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The other story claims that when Panditji dropped by for a meal they changed their call signs […]

Namkeen Gosht : A Punjabi Delicacy from NWP

Namkeen Gosht recipe is a delicacy from the cuisine of Quetta, Baluchistan. It is also made in other areas of NWFP including Peshawar & Dera Ismail Khan. Namkeen Gosht is made either during Eid-ul-Azha (Badi Eid) or for special family functions. My attempts to find the original Punjabi Namkeen Gosht recipe of this very elusive dish were quite painful. […]

Good Things Happen to Bad People..

Firstly, let us be clear that the concept of good and bad comes from the way we have been raised. Most of us have been raised on a belief that good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished. And so, we have been programmed in a manner that, if we are good, “good things […]

Bindi Blues

Straightaway, I perceive that many of you are now mulling over whatever is this bindi??? bindi /ˈbɪndɪ/ noun a decorative dot worn in the middle of the forehead, especially by Hindu women Word Origin: Hindi Traditionally a bindi is a dot placed on the forehead, between the eyes, of a married Indian woman. In Indian […]

FIVE things MEN expect you to know but are afraid to tell you!

Dear Girls, Men are said to be simple but with experience we all have realized they too come under the category – ‘Complicated’ and hence, keeping your man’s interest to the pinnacle, in the relationship, becomes one hell of a task. Eventually, the excitement fades away and apparently so does the relationship. The sole question […]

Bunny Chow

Originating in Durban, South Africa is the renowned Bunny Chow. On no account is this a bunny rabbit in bread!!!! The bunny chow is simply bread that is hollowed out and filled with a variety of curry type such as lamb, chicken, beef or vegetable. As described in Wikipedia, the origin of the bunny chow […]

Juggernaut: How an ancient Hindi word landed in urban dictionary!

For us, it has always been happening. Noticing an english word being tossed around in conversations, articles, eloquent prose of novels, and of course on social media, while we hear it with that eerie feeling of it sounding a little too Hindi. It happens, doesn’t it? One such word in Juggernaut! And with this word, […]

5 Ways to Make Him Crave For You Now!

You’ve seen it happen – the ordinary woman has some guy falling all over himself to make her extremely happy while the beauty sits alone in the corner. Even if you are in a relationship with a guy, you want your guy to want you, to crave you, to ache for you. While starting a […]

The Big Bong Theory : 4 Monsoon Food that all Bengali’s live for!!

Do you live in Bengal? Are you leisurely browsing a newspaper, while sipping tea and happily humming to the tunes of Manna Dey’s ‘Rimjhi Bristi’ playing on the Radio; enjoying every moment of the monsoons? Or is it just the opposite? The nagging rain, the puddles everywhere, the tiring humidity, the longer than usual traffic […]

The battle we fight with the demons inside us

Life. A four letter word. Sounds so simple but comes with so many intricacies. It’s not just about the events going around the world, but also about the battle going on inside each one of us. The battle that we fight with our demons. A battle of heart and mind, a battle of words promised […]

Dosa @ Twist: A Foodies Adventure

I’m a person of QUIRKY food; strange concoctions or bizarre fusions have always allured me. Dosa Twist with its concept of non-veg dosas had peeked my interest since its inception, I finally got a chance to try their food. Dear Readers, if the concept intrigues you, then the food will definitely blow your mind!! This […]

Fiesta : Festival of Food

FIESTA is a small restaurant on the first floor of an unmarked building close to Santosh Jora Bridge, beside CCD. Immaculately done interiors done in white and grey, with a vibrant blue wall to break the monotony, a fresh rose on the table , a minimalistic stairway in brown and glass walls welcoming natural light […]

What do different types of flowers tell about your relationship?

Flowers, in themselves speak a great deal, owing to their beautiful colors and fragrance. Each bloom bears a different meaning and symbolism. History speaks that flowers have been used for expression of feelings and it will go on till eternity. Thus, if your man does end up buying flowers for you, the flowers he chooses […]

Life: When the reality isn’t this cruel and dreams had their freedom!

There was a time when I really cared about the people, who we generally call, “Our Loved Ones”. When their happiness meant the world to me and their smiles used to give me butterflies. Always trying to fulfill their wishes and working hard for their smiles was the only thing that mattered. But then I […]

Are You Trustworthy?

The biggest risk that we take in life is ‘trusting someone’. Because trusting someone has always been petrifying, at least for most of us. With the hardships and heartbreaks in relationships and friendships, that one thing, that we all have lost, is the trust from ‘trust’. The whole trust thing is going to a different […]

The Cake Counter: Deserted with Desserts!!

A plethoara of Home Bakers have come up in Kolkata in the last couple of years. Recently opened Suchantika Dey’s Cake Counter is fighting the battle of ‘desserts’ in Kolkata’s Bakery Battle. Suchantika left her job and took up home baking as a profession in the last few months. With one eye on the horizon […]

Why are we scared of Settling Down?

These days, all I’m hearing about, in my family and peer group is ‘Marriage’. My young cousins are getting married. It seems as if this is the only thing left to be done. As if, this is the ultimate motive of human existence. But you know what? I am scared of the term and I […]

5 Everyday Fruits that can make your Morning Tea Healthier and Tastier

Common fruits can make your run-of-the-mill teas an expedition through the tunnels of deliciousness!! I have enlisted a few fruits that we find everyday and everywhere, they are always a part of our grocery list, and their nutritional value is unparalleled. They are colorful, they are sweet, they are tangy – a bundle of joy; […]

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