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there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you

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The first sentence can’t be written until the final sentence is written

The Broken Swing – A Horror Fiction

The girl gripped her mother’s finger as the mother started narrating the story. “Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Forrest…” Her little girl of four loved horror tales. She was surprised that the girl felt no fear listening to creepy tales that would generally freak out kids that age. Mothers resort […]

From the Mind of a New Blogger….

As we start growing up, the very first thing that is instilled in our minds is how important it is to learn to read and write. Reading and writing thus become the stepping stones toward education and ultimately to one’s success. Although in the course of time, I’ve written numerous essays and  scripted articles for […]

How I (MADRAASI) made my 2016?

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Success and Peaceful NEW YEAR 2017 When I see everyone posting their resolutions and was asked to blog about my resolutions and happenings in last year. First I would like to say that, I don’t make any resolutions, somehow I believe that when I plan to execute things, […]

How to 21?!

It scares me to be this transparent. It scares me when someone comes up to me to ask how am I holding up with my internship. Chills run down my spine if someone questions me about my social anxiety or anything they should not know. I am usually taken aback for a second or two, […]

Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part VI – Ranbir’s Apartment

“Ranbir, why don’t you just tell me the reason, please?” “Fine. I’ll take you to a place after office. You’ll find all your answers there.” “I’ll be waiting..” That entire day at office, I couldn’t concentrate on work. I am an emotional being and I wasn’t ready to accept his hatred or indifference. I was […]

Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part V – Intense & Graver

“Hello” “Hi Naira, can we talk for a while?” “What is it about?” “There’s something I want to tell you, there’s something I am hiding from you…” “But Ranbir, I’m out for dinner with my family.” “Is there any way you can sneak away for a while and talk to me? It’s really important.” “Who’s […]

Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part IV – In a Dilemma

“Naira, what if I don’t drop you home tonight? I mean what if I take you to my place?” *What did he just say? Home? Why?* “Ummm………Ranbir…..what are you saying? Did I hear it right?” “Yes, Naira. Stay with me tonight. I want to talk to you the entire night.” “But Ranbir, it’s already pretty […]

Some Like it HOT

Via The Blog Tag I was lucky enough to encounter a talented young lady who is making waves in the literary world of romance fiction. Melissa takes the writing of romance erotica genre to an all-time high and after thoroughly enjoying Melissa’s debut book “Waiting for You” which apart from being a truly raunchy read is also […]


The sickening stench of human degradation and waste, faintly overpowered by a chemical cleaning agent that has failed to fulfil its purpose, which awakens me to the depth of my present plight. The lumpy dirty bed which I had been almost afraid of when I first entered the room about an hour ago, is now […]

Qabool hai

The last 10 days have been hectic. If I have to sum up those days and form conclusions, these analogies will probably top the list: -I can eat like a pig, but I cannot eat pig (cos Muslim) -I cannot communicate with dummies and that makes me look like a dummy -I will never be […]

How to Adult 101

As of late, I have noticed something strangely curious (maybe not so strange, maybe not so curious). My observation: It is only when you are tossed to deal with and take care of yourself that you realize you have grown up and are capable of doing any said work with ease. It’s insane to see […]

Lucky – A short story

He is yelling. I know it because I can feel the rush of air on my face with each bellow. His breath is hot and stale, but my eyes are drawn to his lips. They are thick and they curl and catch in the spaces between his teeth. They act as mufflers making nearly every […]

Bindi Blues

Straightaway, I perceive that many of you are now mulling over whatever is this bindi??? bindi /ˈbɪndɪ/ noun a decorative dot worn in the middle of the forehead, especially by Hindu women Word Origin: Hindi Traditionally a bindi is a dot placed on the forehead, between the eyes, of a married Indian woman. In Indian […]

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