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The Northern Lights

Miles above the sprawling terrain of the frosty, forlorn North Pole, A spectacular sight in the stunning starry sky sings to our soul.   Glorious colors burst forth- an electric blue, a violent violet, and a grassy green, Nowhere else in the world can such a startling sight of soaring streams be seen.   The […]

The Coastal Food Connection

To be honest i don’t look forward in eating at seafood restaurants most of the times when i plan to dine anywhere.You may call me a funny and rare specimen of a food enthusiast for that and i will humble accept that fact without any arguments in defence or offence. But to be invited at […]

The Mouth Watering Appetisers on Kyro’s Menu

The Tasting Tour at Kyro Indore continued Reva (Blogger) and I were presented with further Delish accompaniments. What I admire most at Kyro Indore is the marriage between the western and Indian flavours. Kyro being the brainchild of Karan and Kunal Verma, the youngest culinary experts in Indore! A brief conversation with Karan Verma revealed […]

The Elaborated Tasting Tour at Kyro Indore

Tasting Food at Kyro like a Master Chef Lifestyle Blogging has its perks, and Food Tasting is definitely one of them. Therefore I was absolutely thrilled when Kyro Indore invited me for a delightful Food tasting session. Launching a New menu is all about making that extra effort to connect with people. The Chef’s at Kyro […]

Experience of the Wazwaan – Kashmiri Food Festival at Aloft

I was invited to try out the dishes from the Kashmiri food fest and it was a revelation.  Before I get into the food lets talk about the decor.  Aloft is a very classy hotel by itself with its avant garde interiors that makes it look nice and posh. This classy interior was given a […]

Balle Ballle with Exquisite Dhaba Food

We stopped stop at a Dhaba on the way from Bangalore to Chennai 500 mts after the walajahpet toll. The name Gurwindar Singh is a hook enough but seeing it run by a true blood sardar was enough for me to stop over. My better half wanted to try butter chicken. I almost never eat […]

7 Best Places for a Weekend Retreat in India

India is a place full of majestic wonders There is no shortage of plausible places in India to visit. Moreover, the energy of the travellers in India is massive which adds serenity to the art of exploration. You may plan a weekend party or trip with your friends and can explore the beauty of this wonderful […]

Santa, Skiing and Luxury Cabins in the Geilo Ski Village

The Oldest Ski Village in Europe Geilo Ski Village is split between the Slatta village (main area) and the quiet Geilolia. The luxury resort Vestlia, and the Forest Cabins are located in Geilolia, however the ski runs are a few miles away. Although for a small town, you will find a large choice of hotels, cabins […]

Flamsbana, the most beautiful train journey in the world

The Railway Connection from Flam The Flåmsbana in Norway ranks highest on Europe’s list of most beautiful train rides. The setting in the unique landscape of Flåmsdalen Valley, is the reason why a Flåm Railway trip is a must for every visitor to Norway. It branches off from a highly scenic route at the Bergen […]

Where to begin your Norway Tour

Where to begin your Norway in a Nutshell Tour Itineraries for Norway tour can kick off in Oslo, Bergen, or Voss. Nevertheless, the core of each journey incorporates essential transportation highlights, and segments aboard the scenic Bergen Railway. The glaciers, deep forests, countless lakes, and a few rugged ski resorts create a glorious beauty. My […]

Are we still the Indoi (Hindus) from the Indus Valley of Peace?

Incredible India, The Nation of Melange What a privilege to be born on a divine land of diversity, culture and lost ancient knowledge! India, ironically is very close to Kailash Parbat, the Axis mundi of the Earth. What’s more ironic is that, I was born in the Axis Mundi of this Incredible India. Which is Madhya […]

Rani ki vaav: An architectural eye feast

Rani ni vav: Rani Ki Vav /vaav or Rani ni vaav as it is called locally, is situated in Patan, Gujarat. It takes around 2 hours to reach this place from the city of Ahmadabad. This place is on UNESCO heritage list. And boy  does it deserve to be there! A wall curving inside Rani […]

Serein by Tata Housing, blend of Splendour and comfort at the Malabar hill of Thane!

The Location is everything! Let’s agree, that most people buy a property only because they fall in love with it. It’s all about the location, location, and location when you cut your real estate deal in Mumbai. The most hectic city in the world! Then again, there are other top factors such as price, surroundings, […]

Why Chandrashila is the best place in India to view sunrise

Chandrashila is the highest summit in Uttarakhand, India..Chandra means ‘Moon; and Shila means ‘the Rock’.It is one of those few places in India which has the highest Shiva temple of Tungnath and the five giants Trishul, Nanda Devi, Kedar Peak, Chaukhamba and the Bandarpunch..The sun rising amidst all these five peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas […]

Geilo, A luxurious Ski village amidst the Norwegian Mountains

Geilo, The Ski Destination 1222 Finse was home base for filming the scenes at the beginning of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, where many locals starred as extras. A small station town, where we waited for an hour before we could board our next train to Geilo. As starved as I was, the aroma of steamy hot […]

Hotel Sokos Presidentti, a 4 star property with Finnish adaptation

Hotel Sokos Presidentti Helsinki is a sprightly seaside city, full of Parks and Islands, and refreshing as ever. This capital area of Finland will never get you tired, its close proximity to nature is an evidence of a conscious stress free environment. A bracing 20 minute drive into the city from the airport, through vernacular […]

Vantaa, The International Airport of Helsinki

Recently, Finland has been in news for receiving a Scandinavian Mountain from Norway as their 100th Birthday present. Compassionate neighbourhood stories from Scandinavia and Nordic region, restores our faith in humanity.  Not to Mention, The International Airport of Helsinki, welcomes it’s tourists into a warm forest setting. What could be a more appropriate time to visit this prepossessing country, that […]

Copenhagen International Airport, Kastrup, listed among the top 10 best airports in the world

The Copenhagen Airport, Oldest in Europe This Danish Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup, is the largest airport in the Nordic countries. It is located on an island (Amager), about 10 minutes from the city centre. The terminal was designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen, a pioneer among architects. Consecutively, it is also one of the oldest international airports in Europe, with an annual […]

Scandic Sydhavnen, a smashing 4-star property in Vesterbro area of Copenhagen!

Scandic Sydhavnen Vesterbro, is one of Copenhagen’s most favoured areas, all encompassing snug restaurants, beaming coffee shops and perceptive bars. The neighbouring grid, encloses Museums, Art Galleries and other Architectural monuments. An ideal Danish setting, stacked with both conventional and contemporary affirmation of existence. Therefore, staying at Scandic Sydhavnen, was definitely one of the most […]

The Heart rending story of The ‘Danish’ Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Walt Disney’s intent to escalate love, and render our childhoods has been commendable. Not to mention, Disney’s well chosen adaptations of most fairy tales are originally inspired by sad stories. As a matter of fact, all the irksomeness has been replaced by the happy endings, so that our childhoods were much happier. […]

Copenhagen’s ‘Danish’ Little Mermaid

The Heart rending story of The ‘Danish’ Little Mermaid The Eternal Destiny The Little Mermaid, was also warned that she will acquire an eternal soul, only after she marries the Prince. Failing to do so, she will die with a broken heart, and dissolve into sea foam upon the waves. Love is blinding, as they […]

Renaissance Stock Exchange, the most Beautiful building of Copenhagen

Renaissance Stock Exchange I had the chance to visit this interesting architecture, with the twisting spire and unique roofline in Copenhagen. None other than, the ravishing Renaissance Stock Exchange, in Gothic style loaded with architectural history. This notable Landmark is located right next to Christiansborg Palace, however the Spiral is visible from most neighbouring areas. […]

Folketinget, The Danish Parliament that represents Democracy in Denmark

Folketinget, The Danish Parliament Folketinget, is the name of Denmark’s parliament, that holds the legislative power in Denmark. Not to mention, it has been holding this power since the birth of the Danish Constitution in 1849. In other words, the Danish monarch’s power is limited to signing the laws as a symbol of power. It’s […]

Tivoli Gardens, The Danish Disneyland and the 2nd Oldest Theme Park in the World

Tivoli Gardens, The Danish Disneyland With 5mn visitors in 2015, Tivoli stands out as the 2nd most popular theme park in the world, the most-visited theme park in Scandinavia, and the 4th most-visited in Europe after Disneyland Paris, Europa-Park Rust and the Efteling. Visiting Tivoli, with its open air stage shows, refreshing beer, and magical twirl […]

ChristiansBorg Palace, the Only Neoclassical building in the World, that houses all 3 of Nation’s Supreme Powers!

Danish Christiansborg Slot or Palace Let me start off by saying, that this marvellous Danish “Christiansborg Slot” is a palace turned government building on the island of Slotsholmen in central Copenhagen. The name ‘Christiansborg’ is frequently used as a substitute name for the Danish political system. It is the seat of the Danish Parliament, the […]

The Must-Have-Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes to Women are what Angels are to Heaven! That Inevitable Connection! We thought of helping you a little all the right kind of shoes that are a must add to your wardrobe. So, here’s what you need – Your guide to the must have shoes every woman needs to have in her closet: 7. […]

We Are the 21st Century Generation & Not Guilty About It

Even though the world has been modernized to an extent that is sometimes incomprehensible, yet there are certain things that we as a 21st Century generation have figured out for ourselves. Yes, we are not “Americanized” and neither are we a confused lot (I mean; only sometimes we are). We are not trying to bridge […]

Revealed: Hindu Traditions Are Actually Science Driven..

There isn’t a need of any sort of blind belief to qualify for heaven; because there is science behind every single thing. Well, yes. Even Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma functions on the principles of Science i.e principles that can be identified, intuited and experienced. Here are 7 examples that justify the practices of Hindutva being […]

Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part II – A Sip of Sangria

The next day things seemed different to me, I felt a little uneasy around him. I would not call that uneasiness as something discomforting or displeasing, in fact I felt more excited and euphoric. And all this because of that one hour long conversation we had. The entire day in the office and even next […]

Top five reasons why you should not skip your breakfast

Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, in today’s hectic schedule people find no time for it. This one good habit of having breakfast has a positive impact on your health. It keeps you active, helps in brain functionality by making it sharper, balances body weight etc. Skipping means […]

Queen of Spice and all things Nice

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook updates I came across an interesting post showcasing delectable food from a restaurant called Holi Cow. The restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa advertised mouth-watering, home cooked, old fashioned meals for sale. I could not help but salivate after looking at the incredible, scrumptious dishes that I knew so well from […]

My Favourite Place

I suppose it is about time I took you to the places that exactly charm and appeal to this Currychick. This will be a part one post of an ongoing series. Certainly there are some places that are very dear to me and that I love visiting and being a part of. As today is […]


In a pensive mood, He did his daily chores. xx Girl with a Tripod Photo credits: from personal collection. Location: Bhagsu Nag, Dharamshala, H.P. All rights reserved duplication and copying without full credit is not allowed. Visit my website for more photo-blogs.

Colors of Dharamshala- 5 days n 4 nights – 5 places – Rs. 8538/-

Places Covered  Day 1: Chandigarh- Anandpur sahib-Naina devi- Anandpur sahib-nangal Day 2: Nangal-Kangra Day 3: Kangra- Mcleodgang Day 4: Mcleod gang – Palampur Day 5: Palampur-Kangra-Chandigarh Day 1 Starting my journey from Chandigarh ( Mohali Phase 6 Bus stand), I took a bus for Anandpur Sahib (Rs. 90), it took around 2 hours to reach […]

Things to do in Cappadocia

I usually plan my travels. However, I had no list for things to do in Cappadocia on this visit. I had heard a lot about the Cappadocia from friends and seen numerous photos on the web. The entire region is captivating so I left the tour planning to my hosts at The Castle Inn. It is always better to depend upon the […]

Breaking Khamiri Roti at Al Jawahar

Warmth, cleanliness and bright lights are what greet you as you walks through the doors of Al Jawahar at Matia Mahal Bazaar, Jama Masjid. This eatery is legendary. It is said they was inaugurated by India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The other story claims that when Panditji dropped by for a meal they changed their call signs […]

Juggernaut: How an ancient Hindi word landed in urban dictionary!

For us, it has always been happening. Noticing an english word being tossed around in conversations, articles, eloquent prose of novels, and of course on social media, while we hear it with that eerie feeling of it sounding a little too Hindi. It happens, doesn’t it? One such word in Juggernaut! And with this word, […]

The Big Bong Theory : 4 Monsoon Food that all Bengali’s live for!!

Do you live in Bengal? Are you leisurely browsing a newspaper, while sipping tea and happily humming to the tunes of Manna Dey’s ‘Rimjhi Bristi’ playing on the Radio; enjoying every moment of the monsoons? Or is it just the opposite? The nagging rain, the puddles everywhere, the tiring humidity, the longer than usual traffic […]

Dosa @ Twist: A Foodies Adventure

I’m a person of QUIRKY food; strange concoctions or bizarre fusions have always allured me. Dosa Twist with its concept of non-veg dosas had peeked my interest since its inception, I finally got a chance to try their food. Dear Readers, if the concept intrigues you, then the food will definitely blow your mind!! This […]

Fiesta : Festival of Food

FIESTA is a small restaurant on the first floor of an unmarked building close to Santosh Jora Bridge, beside CCD. Immaculately done interiors done in white and grey, with a vibrant blue wall to break the monotony, a fresh rose on the table , a minimalistic stairway in brown and glass walls welcoming natural light […]

XII Zodiac (Fern Residency Hotel) : Astro Meets Gastro

ASTRO-DINING : If someone tells you they’re going to pick a perfect dish for you using the stars, you might roll your eyes, or ridicule the person profusely. Well, believe it or not your Zodiac Sign has much to say about your Gastronomical Desires. Remember those odd, unexplained food cravings – Well, see your horoscope. […]

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