Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

About your profile

  • How do I sign up?

    You can sign up by clicking on the register link. Although, the registration process is open to all, we have an internal process to review your profile. It is recommended you have a blog before you plan on registering with us. Send us a message or give us a call, and we’ll help you get started.

  • Why do I need to have an account?

    Blog Trumpet has been created as a platform with a vision. We are working so content has greater meaning for the ones who create it. There are numerous benefits to be part of a community.

    1. We treat you like family. Great content doesn’t come easy. We value your efforts, and we want to help increase the visibility of your content to those who want to read it.
    2. We provide you with your space. Every time you post content on Blog Trumpet, it gets added to your profile. We are working tirelessly to make sure your profile and space is clean and clutter-free.
    3. We get you more readership. Our endeavour is to make Blog Trumpet commercially meaningful. Which means, we are inviting visitors to view your content, which simply means more readers.
    4. We motivate you to write. We are creating a space for the best creators to come forward and be a part of this family. While we are all learning from others, growing together is part of how we progress.
  • I submitted my information, I did not receive my password information. What should I do now?

    We require you to have a valid e-mail address at the time of registration. You should receive your activation e-mail within a few minutes of registration. Please ensure you have entered the correct address, and check your spam / bulk-mail folder. If you still unable to find the activation e-mail, send us a message, and allow us to help you.

  • I have set my password, and activated my account. What next?

    In order to facilitate a simple registration process, we require you to provide us only basic information at the time of registration. However, we know you want to share more information about your profile with readers of your content. We have provided you with a dedicated page that you can use to upload information you wish to share.

  • I wish to change the basic information regarding my account. How can I do that?

    In case you require to change the basic information about your profile, you can do so by visiting this link.

  • I updated the profile information for my account. However, my profile is not appearing on the Influencer’s Page. What do I do?

    The blogger’s page is a curated list that is selected by our editorial team. This is a living list that is frequently updated after a careful review process. As part of the preliminary review processes, you should receive a call from our team, on the telephone number you have provided. We believe this adds credibility to the profiles and helps create an ongoing relationship with you.

    If you think there has been a mistake or you would like to update information provided by you, you can visit this page or send us a message. Your author card is created and managed by our internal editorial team. It is possible, it might take a few days before all internal reviews are completed, and we are able to provide you with one. We apologise for any delays in the process and appreciate your patience in bearing with us.

  • What is an author’s card?

    Our influencer’s page is a curated list of accredited authors. As we grow, we are working to regularly review great work done by authors, and showcase it right in front, either by nature of content that people like to read, or sorted by profile of people who are involved with it. The author’s card is a brief representation of the work you do, and links into your author’s page where the posts made by you are listed.

  • I want my profile visitors to feel excited about my work. How do I make my content stand out?

    We are offering you freedom to customise your profile. Depending on your writing style, you can excerpt exciting bits from your original content, and provide a link back to the original place where it is posted. You can always add or remove some bits to show your creative versatility.

  • I have multiple blogs, and a wide social media presence. The space on my profile does not allow me to upload all the information I wish to share. What do I do?

    Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on your success, and online presence. We believe you would be investing significant time and effort in maintaining your social profiles, and would like to showcase it on this platform.

    In the interest of maintaining consistency across profiles, we limit the information based on an internal review process. Our editors endeavour to provide sufficient information about you and your blogging profile to visitors. If you feel you would like to have the information reviewed, you can discuss the same with the representative who contacts you, or send us a message.

  • My author card picture looks different from the picture that appears along with my profile information below my posts. Why is this so?

    The profile picture that appears along with your information below every post, is what you have uploaded to We feel that the universal gravatar is fast becoming a standard among bloggers to display their profile information. You can change that picture by visiting and updating the image.

    The author card is generated by our team, with an effort to keep it consistent with the overall look and feel of the website. Presently, we are using a resolution of 960×600 pixels that allows your profile to appear great on a wide variety of devices. In case you are not happy with the image being used, and would like to change it, you can send us a message or upload a new one here.

  • We are a group of writers, who co-author a blog. How do we manage our registration with Blog Trumpet?

    People first. We believe people are key to creating content. If multiple authors contribute to your blog, you can register one account each for every person who’s interested. At present, we do not have a feature that allows users to collaborate on posts. But we are working on it, and should have that feature available soon. Meanwhile, you can offer credits to co-authors within the body of the post.

About your posts

  • I have registered, and then uploaded a post. It is not appearing.

    Please make sure you have provided us with accurate profile information while creating your profile. One of our team members will be getting in touch with you, before we approve your posts for the site.

  • I uploaded posts after updating my profile information. My post is still not appearing.

    In order to maintain quality and consistency, all posts are moderated by our editorial team before they start appearing anywhere on the website. We request you to be in patient as we process posts in the order we receive them. Your posts will not be approved in case we find it violating community guidelines. One of our editorial team members will get in touch with you in such a case. We recommend you to only post content that does not violate general social limits, and not contain any external links that may be considered inappropriate my visitors.

  • Will my posts be edited?

    No. We do not edit posts. Your content (including any spelling mistakes) belongs to you. Your profile is a representation of your identity and your writing style.

  • Can I use my old posts to complete my profile on Blog Trumpet? Or will I need to create new posts in order to use this platform?

    We leave this choice to you. There are numerous arguments around new content vs. old, but we do not want to impose any restrictions, so long as the content is yours.

  • I would like to make changes to / remove a certain post I have made. How can I do that?

    We are working to implement a moderation process for editing posts. However, you can send us a message with regard to the post, and we will help you make the changes necessary.

  • What are post categories?

    Blog Trumpet is a multi-genre blogger community. This means, we want you to register and share your content regardless of the theme, style or taste of your blog. You might be a technology geek, and blogging about the latest gadgets, games or software applications; or you can be a traveler who clicks images from a camera and loves to explore places to eat. You can be a parent, or you might want to blog about things in life that bother you and solutions around them.

    At present we have 27 categories you can choose from. As we move forward, we might regroup a few of them, depending on popularity or add others.

  • While submitting a post, I noticed a few additional categories in the list that do not appear to be general blog categories. What are these?

    We are presently using a few additional categories to manage the semantics of our platform internally. If you select one of these categories for your post, there is a chance we will remove them during the moderation process, as these are for internal use only.

  • While adding images to my post, images are getting resized to a smaller dimension. I am unable to fix this.

    This is a known issue with the uploads interface. However, when you insert a media image along with your post, the original size does get uploaded at the back-end. During the moderation process, we pull the required size to make sure your uploaded image appears correctly. In case, you do find something wrong with the final version that becomes available to users, please send us a message.

    As we work on site improvements, we will fix this issue soon. Kindly bear with us.

About your privacy

  • What about my privacy?

    At Blog Trumpet, we are serious about maintaining user privacy. In order to provide the human connect with content, we require you to provide us information that allows us to reach you by e-mail and telephone. However, we do not share this information on your profile pages, or with any third-parties. We urge you to provide only information you wish to share about your presence on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Only the information you provide about your social networks will be made available on author cards or profile pages. In case you have a concern, you can send us a message, or e-mail us directly at You can visit this link to view our Privacy Policy.

  • How do I report copyright violations? My content has been posted by someone and posted on your website.

    We have no copyright claim over content posted by authors on our website. As a general practice, we identify authors through ownership of their blog, where they are posting content. We do not take responsibility for content posted on author’s website, or content posted by them under their profile. However, we will take appropriate action as required to remove content that is reported to us. You can send us a message about it, or write to us at

  • I would like to remove my profile from Blog Trumpet. How can I do so?

    We value your privacy. For any reason should you choose to have your profile removed, you can send us a message or write to us at We shall look into the matter, and remove all your information along with all posts you have made. Profiles once removed will not be recovered, and any information you have provided will not be shared with third parties.