Announcing Public Beta

A bold announcement today.

Although slightly delayed on our part, is we have moved the platform from an introductory Alpha to Public Beta. Which means, we are crossing a serious milestone towards opening the platform for everyone, and we are no longer invitation only.

We are grateful to our prized members, who have chosen to be come aboard early, and sing along patiently as we have worked internally to build the values and integrate systems for the platform. Some of the changes that we will be going through when we move into public beta are:

1. Allowing Search Engine Crawl

During the alpha stage, as we introduced many of the features built into the platform, we had a lot of dummy content that we had deliberately placed along different places in the website, enabling us to demonstrate.

As a blogger, you might be aware that dummy content (usually lorem ipsum) is generally found in multiple places around the internet. Although, we are happy and eager to showcase and share the content you provide us, we wouldn’t like duplicate content to impact anyone’s visibility on search engines.

Thus, while dummy content existed on our platform, we did not allow search engines to crawl our platform, at the cost of remaining undiscoverable. This changes today.

2. A more organised Categories Page

The best way to browse blogs is to go by category. As of now, our focus is on 27 categories that you can find on the categories page. We make it easier for you to understand each category with a description, and motivate you to write for it. We believe, that you as an author, have immense potential to span your creativity across multiple categories. While the posts on our homepage are reviewed carefully before curation, we try not to prevent you from showcasing your talent under your own authorship. We love it when you to create and share.

3. Systematic Approach to Hiring and Team Building

We’ve had Mr. Bits Bytes help us in building the core technology for the platform. While we doubt he has any hair left on his head to pull out, it is about time for us to be hiring and building a team for the core. It will help us gain solid footing, explore sound business opportunities and expand.

Our parent enterprise, Blow Trumpet, where this idea has been seeded will be looking into the hiring, and all open positions and information will be available through their website.

4. Greater Social Media Interaction and Increased Promotions

This goes without saying, as we open doors to everyone, we will be aggressively communicating and sharing information through our social media channels. We invite you to be a part of the discussion and help us share and spread the message.

Although, this is a serious point of inflection for us, needless to say, we are apologetic if any of the features is not working smoothly. We are working aggressively to iron out all issues, and if you are facing difficulties of any sort, please do feel to get in touch with us through the contact page or via e-mail.

Happy Blogging!

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