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Newton overlooked it.
Raising kids defies all reason, logic and most of the laws of the universe.

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The first sentence can’t be written until the final sentence is written

Nestle India Conducted A Children’s Healthy Cooking Workshop In Kolkata For The First Time

Each and every day we consume so much of food which is not very fit and right for our body. Unhealthy food has like become a part of our daily lives and the total reason why we crave so much for it from a straight point of view is because it has an intense taste […]

Didn’t you?

She kicked you off when you slapped her face, You didn’t tell her that’s the smaller mistake you made. I see you are now married and a father too. Oh your daughter looks like a princess aloof! But do I see an uncle that smiles more than he should? Didn’t you tell your baby, her […]

How does it feel to be a Mom Today? – Tussles of the Millennial Moms

One afternoon our house was clamor-free, not necessary to say that my tiny tots were napping. Unlike every other day, I didn’t want to utilize those precious two hours in keeping up with my lagging chores. Rather I took advantage of that tranquil time to have some inner conversation. I was staring away engulfed in numerous thoughts. My day […]

The Definitive Guide to Building Apps For Children

I remember Mark Zuckerberg once saying “I definitely wouldn’t have gotten into programming if I hadn’t played games as a kid.” This correlation is not a surprise although it did spark a revelation, when I was researching the most popular children’s apps for this blog post. The same apps kept appearing again and again. At […]

10 things that can make your anxiety worse even without realizing it

What is Anxiety? Do you feel nervous right before your exam or when you have to make an important decision? Certainly Yes!. This temporary emotion is completely normal. But when everything becomes a reason to worry and stress then it is a mental illness. Anxiety is a mental disorder which is a permanent feeling of […]

Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world

Hi Folks, I am glad you are reading this. I have seen internet flooded with topics against marriage. But Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world. And, I really mean it. I’m sure even you would agree with me if you clear your head with myths about marriage. I am going to explain […]

All Strings Attached

She is the face of experience; patron of existence; an embodiment of destiny. Gliding and touching every life on its way, playing hide and seek with everyone who seeks it out, she lays out her lessons with paramount ease and her teachings with adherent subtlety. ‘Life’, as many call her, has set an eye on […]

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Because, if you wait until you’re ready
you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.

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