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If it sounds like writing, i re-write it. or,
If proper usage gets in the way, it may have to go.
Don’t allow what we learned in composition to
disrupt the sound and rhythm of the narrative.

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The first sentence can’t be written until the final sentence is written

The Northern Lights

Miles above the sprawling terrain of the frosty, forlorn North Pole, A spectacular sight in the stunning starry sky sings to our soul.   Glorious colors burst forth- an electric blue, a violent violet, and a grassy green, Nowhere else in the world can such a startling sight of soaring streams be seen.   The […]

Raging Storms

The skies a sinister purple As the looming grey clouds Showed their tyranny over the beams of the dying sunset.   An enigmatic peace hangs in the air, The smell of danger invading the lair   In the fabric of expansive space, Weave the threads of darkness. In the depths of the water maze Stirs […]

Didn’t you?

She kicked you off when you slapped her face, You didn’t tell her that’s the smaller mistake you made. I see you are now married and a father too. Oh your daughter looks like a princess aloof! But do I see an uncle that smiles more than he should? Didn’t you tell your baby, her […]

If religion schools you to war

What if – Turban knew of white gowns? Kuran met the cross in town? Kashi mentioned Haj halts? Kirpan visited puja stalls? I know the ifs shall lead you where A place with no bloodshed and despair. If GOD resides in every man Yet religion permits guns in hand What conspired myth you proudly live? […]

3 Easy Ways to Proofread your Writing

No clue as to what I’m talking about? Worry not! Proofing or proofreading or copy-editing all mean the same thing – assessing your work before publishing it. And I just can’t stress enough on its significance in building your reputation as a skilled writer. Why is proofreading important? Now what would you prefer? Someone on the […]

What is Poetry?

What is poetry? I know not. I’m a mere amateur trying to be someone. Mind you, not like someone. Poetry, to me is elusive. I know about poetry just as much a new-born knows about the wide vast world. It’s an ocean to me, and I try swimming across, trying to reach somewhere. With words […]


आज माजघर शांत आहे सुन्न बसलंय स्वयंपाकघर, चुलीची धग लागत नाहीये कारण चवताळलाय ज्वाळांचा वावर.. आज बांगड्या नाहीत किणकिणणाऱ्या ना दिसला साडीचा पदर, कपाळावरलं कुंकूही दिसेना अन् एकाकी राहिला मंगळसूत्राचा सर.. असाच गेला दिवस ओशाळली दुपार, भरीस भर म्हणून आली तिन्हीसांज.. पेटला नाही दिवा तुळशीवृंदावन रितं, देवही बसले अंधारात देवघरही झालं परकं.. सरली संध्याकाळ उगवली […]

Om Namah Shivaaya

The Eternal locks and Divine Strands, Moon ever so radiant, means to me a heavenly calm. The Serpent keeping the senses in control, Mother Ganga to temper the heat and flow away all vices, sins. Armed with Trishul, Enamoured by the Damroo, Oh Mind you are sharp to understand the values of Truth,Righteousness, Peace and […]

पिता क्या है ? पिता के महत्व पर एक छोटी कविता | Hindi Poem On Father

पिता क्या है? पिता एक उम्मीद है, एक आस है परिवार की हिम्मत और विश्वास है, बाहर से सख्त अंदर से नर्म है उसके दिल में दफन कई मर्म हैं। पिता संघर्ष की आंधियों में हौसलों की दीवार है परेशानियों से लड़ने को दो धारी तलवार है, यहाँ क्लिक करें और पढ़िए पूरी कविता……

Sweltering Summers by the Seashore

The sun rays beating down from the blue sky, All around, the land is parched and dry.   Under the scorching heat, the cool seaside breeze is and absolute treat, As we tread along the coastline, the drenched sand engraving an imprint of our feet.   White foam of mellow waves caress our toes in […]


भीती वाटते लेखणी हातात घ्यायला, कोऱ्या कागदाने शाईच प्यायली तर? पांढरा कागद निळा होईल, कृष्णासारखा ! आणि झिरपेल त्यावर माझी प्रत्येक भावना, उघड होईल माझं मन, आजवर दडवून ठेवलेलं फुलपाखरू. लोकं वाचतील, चर्चा होतील, टीका करतील, थोरवी गातील माझ्या लेखनाची… पण नकोय मला हे, मला बोलायचंय कुठल्याही मापात न झुकता, कोणत्याही चष्म्यातून न पाहता. कागद […]

Autumn Mornings

Each morning starts with a wide, lazy yawn, Sun rays peek into the late dawn. Windows still hazy from the midnight mist Branches of the elder trees gnarled into a twist.   Sidewalks littered with leaves orange and red, Dry foliage crunches under our feet as we tread. The smell of maple sap crisp in […]

Dancing Under the Moonlight

Under the sweet smile of the crescent moon, Twirling to the sound of whistling tunes, Hair billowing in the gentle breeze that follows the blistering noon, The sand flying as I disturb the Arabian dunes, As I waltz, moon beams weave into my tresses and braids, I am praised for my step by the quiet […]

Teacher: Priestess of School

I would like to dedicate this poem to Ms. Nikki Ellis and Mrs. Sharmila Lahiri, two of my former teachers. To them, I may have been just another face in a sea of students, but their work has made a huge impact on me. As a small token of my gratitude, I would like to […]

The North Star

The brightest star in the sky, I glimmer and twinkle, oh so high; I guide the lonely sailor sitting on the mast, As he travels across the oceans vast.   Thunder, lightning, blizzard or storm, Unflinching and strong is my form; I am the proud and mighty North Star, King of all celestial champions here […]


Black or white? Friendship or spite? Family or career? Move front or rear?   Cowardly or brave? Tyrant or slave? Persevere or despair? Apathy or care?   Dark or light? Hide or fight? Sit back or strive? Honest or connive?   Live or be alive… Make the choice and thrive. Whether you pick a choice […]

Raging Storms

I sit by the window looking out at the idyllic lake, Being ravaged by the stormy rains. It looks like a million needles rain down And pierce the sheet of water to batter its soul. I feel a sharp pain shoot in my heart, as it reminds me Of the storms raging within. To read […]

The battle we fight with the demons inside us

Life. A four letter word. Sounds so simple but comes with so many intricacies. It’s not just about the events going around the world, but also about the battle going on inside each one of us. The battle that we fight with our demons. A battle of heart and mind, a battle of words promised […]

Life: When the reality isn’t this cruel and dreams had their freedom!

There was a time when I really cared about the people, who we generally call, “Our Loved Ones”. When their happiness meant the world to me and their smiles used to give me butterflies. Always trying to fulfill their wishes and working hard for their smiles was the only thing that mattered. But then I […]

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