What is the major key to happy life?

“Stay Positive”, a single phrase which everyone on this earth gets to hear from their closer ones while facing over that really hard or we can say negative situation. Am I right? So, tell me, being one of those have you actually applied this theory of staying positive into your life or maybe just tried it for once? It’s okay if it’s no! Why, you say?

Well, this is because there are many of those people like you (maybe or maybe not) who don’t even bother to take this thing seriously as they just think of this phrase as a cliché word and nothing else. According to them, it is nothing but just that another way of showing sympathy to someone dealing with a really bad situation and you know what, they are not wrong here, which basically means that you are not wrong here. Why?

You know, these people, the so-called “supporters” are not really supposed to be called as supporters if they don’t provide you with the complete solution. Okay, remember that; Oh, and don’t forget, you need to ask for the solution first and then judge them.

Now, the point that takes a dive in here is that the solution to your negativity and stress does not actually lie in that single “Stay positive” thing, well, sometimes it does but not always, you know. Instead, there are some tactics, some techniques which you should apply over to bring this in action, okay yes, this is going to be real technical here as I am not just going to tell you to be positive and move ahead because you won’t do it unless you know that proper route to it.

So, here are the points that you have to keep in mind when worst of the conditions strike over at your door next time.

Put on those optimistic glasses:

You know what is surprising about us, human beings? We fear a lot, a lot! We are always in fear of that one thing which would harm us and this is how we fail to take a notice of those various positive happenings which in anyway can bring good to us. See, a problem is something which you should consider as that constant companion of yours, no matter whether you like it or not, you have to walk with it. The thing that matters is how you bring on something positive out of it. Gotcha? So, from now on get into that business of problem analysis, that can be linked with life or anything you want and learn about how this is going to be proved as positive for your life or business.

Everyone is got a problem but winner is only the one who knows how to deal with it.

Say hello to the healthy you:

There is a proverb which says “Men muse as they use (Jaisa ann, waisa mann)”, according to which the way you perform or behave is actually the result of that food which you consume in your daily life. So, basically which means that if you don’t eat that healthy food there is nothing you are going to get out in the form of results. Clear with the importance of your daily diet? Good! Don’t forget to add yoga and exercise too in your schedule; Afterall your body is your own responsibility. Come on act responsible now! Oh, and by the way, these things have that equal share towards the future positive you.

Food is undoubtedly necessary for body and so is Yoga.

Slow and Steady wins the race:

First of all, do not take this too much seriously. Obviously, there are some points in life when you don’t have any other option but to keep it slow and that too because when you sometimes act quick, all you come up with as a result is disappointment and failure. You know why? Because this is the time when you in the urge of getting something done really quick, get surrounded with a lot of stress and pressure which as a result lead you towards making conditions and the whole procedure worse. So, it would be good if you, while working on something really important next time keep this thing in mind and in any case if such condition arises, all you got to do is Stop the thoughts, sit down, breathe in and out, smile and start working on it ‘slowly’ this time.

If not fast, maybe slow. If not win, maybe grow.

Shooo the fear away:

Here comes the part, the biggest, seriously, the biggest hurdle of all, fear! You know, as soon as you decide to embrace the fear, it would take every single thing ranging from your confidence to your skills, away from you and that too not just in the measurements of blocks but miles of distance. Your fear has that much potential to paralyse your mind and your body to not perform the task and thus maybe fail instead. So, do remember to never, like never let your fear take off your courage. This may seem hard for now, but do remember that it is going to be worth of your hard work.

Fear is an illusion whereas hard work is a conclusion.

Let Criticisms fire:

As one starts moving over the path of their dreams and aspirations, there are some who come as supporters and also some who are just standing there to watch you fall down, for which they are ready to do anything. And so what they generally do is bring in their critic shaped weapons and start punching it over your face. What you got to do here is, not let these critics affect you, in fact, use them to bring that positive change in your life.

Haters gonna hate, but dude, you are too much awesome to get afraid.

So, now you know those so-called “technical” points to let that positivity become the part of your life. What are you waiting for then? Get them applied in your life and chuck that negative energy out of your life.

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